The San Francisco Chronicle once called Alexander Weygers “a modern Leonardo da Vinci . . . .  He commands attention because he is a success by any standard of excellence in half a dozen professions . . . a sculptor of heroic dimensions, an inventor, a marine, mechanical and aeronautic engineer, an artist with a camera, a designer and illustrator, and a virtuoso practitioner of endgrain half-tone wood engraving. He is also blacksmith, machinist, carpenter, electrician, plumber, toolmaker and beekeeper. He is further a teacher and a reluctant prophet upon whom the admiring descend.”

The opportunity to learn from an artist of Weygers’ caliber is rare. It’s even rarer that a master artist puts pen to paper to describe in detail his theory of and approach to art. Sculpture, Form, and Philosophy is an extraordinary treat, a glimpse into the mind and technique of a true artistic genius. Weygers’ hands-on instructional aid encourages students to delve into the philosophy behind their art, and delivers a personal, practical, and philosophical guide to the fine art of sculpting.


From studio setup, materials, and tools to applied theory and technique, Sculpture, Form, and Philosophy walks artists through the creative process. Featuring detailed descriptions for clay modeling, plaster casting, and direct carving in wood and stone, as well as a complete analysis of 19 of Weygers’ sculptures, this fascinating study is as comprehensive as any beginning or seasoned artist could want.

With Weygers’ clearly defined Form Theory, artists can control every phase of the creative process and purposefully produce subtle expression without reliance on sketches, models, or measuring devices. Sculpture, Form, and Philosophy offers freedom and independence in artistic creation. With this exceptional resource artists’ hands become the servants of their minds.

About the Author

Alexander G. Weygers was born to Dutch parents in Java, Indonesia, in 1901. He began his career as an engineer and, through schooling and private apprenticeship, slowly developed into a multi-disciplined artist, with a focus on sculpting. His later years were spent compiling the illustrations, photographs, and text that would describe his life’s work. Besides Sculpture, Form, and Philosophy he is also author of The Complete Modern Blacksmith. He passed away in 1989, in Carmel Valley, California, where he had made his home and studio for almost 50 years. For more information about Weygers and his work visit

Peter Partch, who was one of Weygers’ most accomplished protégés, is available to talk about working alongside and learning from this extraordinary artist.